The Langhans Archive and the Public

A project in collaboration with Xantypa magazine

This is a pilot project for the making of prints from photographs made in the former Ateliér Langhans photography studio. The photographs are mainly from the Archive of the National Museum, Prague. The project entails three main kinds of task – research/identification, restoration, and digitization. The aim is to develop suitable approaches to making prints of the photographs and adding to our knowledge of this once renowned portrait studio and its work.

“Funding for the archive has been generously provided by the FAMU Long-term Conceptual Development project”, 2012

Coming soon


A publication about Ateliér Langhans, which aims to provide not only a representative survey of the photographs from the archive, but also the history and development of this photography studio, which, in its day, was the largest photography business in the Bohemian Lands. The publication will be the culmination of several years of work connected with the preservation of the archive and an overview of the fate of this piece of cultural heritage from 1880 to 2014. The Langhans Archive will not be forgotten again!

An informative afternoon at the Langhans Archive