Partner institutions

FAMU (the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts), Prague, 2012

Expert assistance

Help in identifying the people portrayed on the glass negatives from the Langhans Archive, Prague is provided by the following specialists:

Taťána Součková (actors and singers), Vlasta Smoláková of the Theatre Institute, Prague (actors and singers), Věra Brožová (writers), Markéta Hallová of the Archive of the Prague Conservatoire (musicians), Eva Paulová (musicians), Jindřích Bajgar (musicians), Eduard Stehlík of the Institute of Military History (soldiers in the Czechoslovak Legions), Tomáš Sekyrka (artists), Daniel Froněk (industrialists), Pavel Jákl (industrialists), Jiří Úlovec (soldiers of the Czechoslovak Legions), Vilém Horák (clergy), and the Archive of the Academy of Sciences, Prague (scholars and scientists), Marie Leopoldina Hlaváčová (aristocrats), Barbora Dusek (investigations and descriptions).


In past years the following institutions have helped to fund the conservation work on the negatives of the Langhans Archive, Prague: the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, and the Town Council of the Borough of Prague 1.
We thank the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for their support in 2013.