The Langhans Prague Foundation (Nadace Langhans Praha) was established at the initiative of the heirs of Jan Langhans. Its mission is to preserve and make accessible to the general public the portraits of the Gallery of Eminent People, which were made at Ateliér Langhans. The negatives have been deposited here as property of the Langhans Prague Foundation, thereby ensuring the preservation of the archive as a whole for future generations. The foundation was established on 30 April 2003. The Chairman of the Board is Zuzana Meisnerová-Wismer, the great-granddaughter of Jan Langhans.

Name and address:
Vodičkova 37
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

IČ (I.D. No.): 267 79 056
Registered on 30 April 2003
Bank details:
Account number: 51-0685310297/0100 (Komerční banka)
IBAN: CZ02 0100 0000 5106 8531 0297.

Mission and aims
The purpose of the Langhans Praha foundation is to support, carry on, and expand the ‘Gallery of Eminent People’ – the archive of portraits of renowned and important figures who were photographed at the Ateliér Langhans, Prague, or its branches (for example, in Marienbad, Pilsen, and Hradec Králové) between 1880 and 1948. The aim of the foundation is being achieved by seeing to the expert care of the Langhans Archive – that is, the restoration, digitization, and cataloguing of the photographs, and subsequently making them accessible to specialists and the general public by means of exhibitions and publications or providing them directly to interested parties.

By Contract of Mandate, the Langhans Foundation, Prague, entrusted PRO Langhans, zapsaný spolek, with the performance of tasks required by the Langhans Foundation Prague.
PRO LANGHANS is a non-profit-organization registered at Municipal court Prague, under the file number L 10255.
Represented by Michaela Štibingerová, director.

Account Number: 123-45000207/0100(Komerční Banka)