Side view, sketch by Ladislav Lábus, 1996

Langhans House, in Vodičkova ulice, Prague, was built in 1870, by the architect Bedřich Tesař. Ten years later, it was bought by the photographer Jan Langhans. In 1905, Alois Dryák remodelled the facade in the Art Nouveau style. The house was nationalized in 1948, and left to fall into disrepair for more than four decades. The restitution legislation of 1991 opened the way to the renovation of the building on plans by the architect Ladislav Lábus.

Vodičkova 37

The renovation, remodelling, and extensions are by Ladislav Lábus of the Lábus AA architectural studio.
In collaboration with Pavla Burešová, David Mareš, Lenka Dvořáková, and Zdeněk Heřman.

  • Planning: 1996 – 2000
  • Construction: April 2001 – September 2002


  • Grand Prix of the Architectural Association, 2003
  • Building of the Year, 2003